The wonderfully contagious people and incredible talent that brings life to this studio.

We offer a variety of experiences and styles, and are all committed to providing you with a fun, enjoyable and rewarding experience.
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Like a nice drill Sargeant, Traci is bubbly in a calm way, supportive, encouraging, and community-minded. On the bike, she’s a volcano of energy, she has you out of your saddle, out of breath, and bouncing “hup-hup” to a cool mix of music we all love.

“My fitness journey began as I found little pockets of time to workout while at home raising my kids. I loved how energized I felt after a good workout and quickly gravitated toward workouts with killer music playlists!! I have run a few 1/2 marathons and ran the entire Grand Canyon in a day with a few friends (an experience of a lifetime!) Soon after, I knew a career in fitness was where I was headed. I studied & received a personal trainer certificate from NASM. Soon after that, I started training to become a Pilates instructor and went from knowing nothing at all about Pilates to understanding how it is really at the root of all fitness paths. I know and appreciate how I will never stop Pilates training and want to share it, and all of its benefits, with everyone! I began cycling training because friends of mine decided to own a studio and asked me to join them. Any cycling that I had done prior seemed like boring drudgery to me, but when you make it fun by pumping up the music and turning the lights down low and “dancing” on a bike, it’s the best cardio EVER!! I love people and looking forward to meeting them wherever they are on their fitness journey.”


Sara’s energy is as fun as it is contagious. She always pounds out a fun and fresh playlist and a bubbly, kind personality and a gazelle-like bouncy style on the bike. An elementary school teacher by trade, this is where she lets loose!


Yvette puts flair into everything she does. Whether it’s a yoga flow, sculpt routine, or her HIIT cardio class, she delivers a well-planned class paired with fresh and fun, get-up-and-move music. Her friendly and charismatic personality leaves everyone as happy as they are sweaty!

“As a deeply passionate fitness and yoga instructor, I am delighted to be a part of the awesome team at SWEAT! Being a dancer since the age of 5, my passion for movement developed very early on and continues to grow to this day! My hunger for endorphins is reflected in my up-beat ‘breath to beats’ Vinyasa yoga class and high-tempo cardio dance classes! I believe that movement is better when synced to good music and a fun approach!”


Converted from one of our first customers to one of our first instructors, ShaLee is a part of the fabric of this studio. Her caring and thoughtfulness are not confined to the yoga room, she puts herself out there for all of us, all the time.

“Like so many, I found and fell in Love with HOT Yoga after mild illness, injury and determination to get back in shape.”

“I did my first teacher training in 2014 and certified as a 200 hr RYT in HOT Hatha with Ashtanga influence. I certified again in 2018 with a 200 RYT in HOT Vinyasa, again with Ashtanga influence. I have always sought out the best teachers to learn from and can happily say my genealogy is only one or two people removed from some of the greats like Pattabhi Jois, BKS Iyengar and Bikram.”

“Over the years my practice has ebbed and flowed through the challenges of life because it always shows up on my mat. So I try to be kind. At the same time I believe: if it doesn’t challenge me (or you) it won’t change me (or you). There is no comfort in growth; and no growth in comfort. I look forward to seeing you on the mat.”


Emily exudes positive energy with an infectious smile, friendly demeanor and a caring, genuine personality. She brings a well-rounded, thoughtful playlist. I love her taste in music.

“My name is Emily Schrepferman and I am a Denver-based contemporary dancer and power yoga instructor. An Ohio native, I received my 200 hour Power Yoga Teacher Training through GIVE Yoga in Columbus, OH. My power vinyasa class comes from a place of high energy with the intention of my students building strength and being able to fully express themselves. When not in the studio you can find me curled up with a good book or out with friends listening to live music. I live my life through love and laughter and am ecstatic to share with others how yoga transforms mind, body, and soul.”


Adeline has an impressive range of classes she can teach. Find her teaching Hot Yoga and Restorative Yoga on Friday evenings, sculpt on Monday afternoons, and even a HIIT class on occasion!

“I started leading fitness classes in 2012 in Beijing, China. After gaining my yoga teacher certification in 2016, I opened my own studio in Fukuoka, Japan. After a move back stateside (and two pregnancies), I’m excited to get back into teaching at SWEAT! When not at the studio, I can be found at the park with my daughters.”


Meghan brings innovation to her sculpt classes and leads yoga classes with a calm voice and relaxing demeanor. Find Meghan teaching a wonderful Monday night progression: 6:30pm Hot Yoga, 7:45pm Restorative Yoga, and 8:45pm Stretching Yoga (Yin). Come for the Hot Yoga, stay for the restorative…

“As a person with a busy mind, yoga is a way for me to practice being still, even while working up a sweat. I practiced yoga for more than ten years before completing my 200-hour training in 2017, at which point I combined my love of teaching (I’m an elementary school teacher in my daily life) with my love of yoga. I structure my classes to guide yogis through an eclectic and upbeat flow that helps you find the childlike spirit of the practice.”


I started practicing yoga almost 20 years ago as a way to find release from a stressful corporate job.  I knew little to nothing about it, except that it was supposed to stretch and relax me.  What I found was infinitely more profound and has kept me coming ever since: a sense of calm, of balance and of community.  I found that I could turn to yoga in any state of mind, or shape of body, and that the practice would me meet where I was at any stage of my life.  

In 2009, I eventually found my way to a fantastic teacher training in New York that ignited an even deeper passion for the practice, its philosophy and rich history.  I am a lifelong student and I often return to the materials and books I studied during my teacher training, and I love to find new ones. 

My style is primarily vinyasa (flow), but I like the variety that yoga has to offer and how its practice can be tailored to a practitioner’s needs to benefit them wherever they are (physically, emotionally and spiritually). I want to share these benefits with you. I enjoy making a connection with and getting to know my students. I aim to provide them with a nurturing environment.  I love a good flow, a playful sequence, one that is in tune with its environment and time of day.  Mostly I love it when everyone leaves feeling good or at least a bit better than when they came in.  


I am truly privileged to be part of this. I aimed to combine things I enjoy in work, and that hit center. And so much more! I find myself surrounded by instructors and customers who are of a kind and compassionate, healthy, fun and fitnessy mindset. The people are AMAZING.

These instructors are a joy to work with. They’re leaders, infectious with positive energy, spreading upbeat and healthy attitudes. Yoga instructors are among the most compassionate people on the planet, and cycling instructors bring the party and raise the energy level for everyone. Magical!

I enjoy all of it. Hot yoga had me returning to the studio. I enjoyed the detoxifying and rejeuvinating sweat and the warmth on my muscles. I got a better workout, better relaxation, better stretches. And when I found sculpt I ditched the gym entirely. Smaller weights and a mat are more engaging, challenging, interesting. And it shows up on my body more readily. Group classes push me, and are more fun. Always a fresh routine, it’s making me stronger in natural ways, not bulging a bicep, but toning a whole body.

My cycling classes are electronic music, it just works too well! Out of the seat a lot, and lots of bouncing around. These are my club nights, and I like to dance!