Colfax and Pearl

by Shane Bohlender

There is a lot happening on this corner. Some of it is very unhealthy. The Universe, or the big G, put me here for a reason, I can help. By supporting SWEAT!, you are also supporting these efforts to assist the community.

(1) Tax returns and COVID incentives. I’m helping one person to receive their COVID refund and am trying to get him a place to live. He recently was arrested for outstanding warrants, I know not what charges. I found myself back and forth with the Sheriff’s office to figure out how to get a tax return to him to sign. And I’m looking into what it takes to get him a place with the Colorado Coalition. I see potential in this particular person, perhaps a new life. Most others I meet, though, are in need of clinical help. And some need to get a new line of work.

(2) I’m providing legit work to local residents, in duties ranging from cleaning to marketing and I am actively looking for local instructors. I support local businesses and am committed to being a productive community leader.

(3) Every morning I pick up the trash across the street and down the block, and sometimes I ask people to move along and not gather here because it generates too much litter. I am respectful in these conversations. I get the sense that they’re all homeless, it has nothing to do with the low-income housing in the area. I’ve met kind and respectable folks from these apartments, people I’d like to have in the studio taking classes. The people hanging out on this corner are here because of the 7-11 and McDonalds more than anything. I’d like to figure out who owns that 7-11 and ask them to take more pride in their exterior.

Some on the streets in Denver appear to have drug addictions. Some might decide to spend $20 on meth and walk around all night rather than $40 on a cheap hotel. And there are some who need professional help if they are to get off the streets.


I’m working on that…

How You Can Help

I’m working on that…